Ballyhoura Active Report 28/11/2017

Ballyhoura Active

 Our trail run is on next Saturday at 10am in Kilfinane Meeting in front of the Church from 9.30am. We will run out of Kilfinane in the direction of Ballylanders on the Mill hill road. We follow the trail head to the left and it is way marked from here, I will have red arrows up as well and if you check out our facebook there is a map of the route. This is a very interesting route and we have used it a couple of times before. The first off road section is short and just brings you onto a tarred Bohereen and we follow this all the way to the end where we turn right over the style and enter the mucky part of the trail into the woods after about 200 meters you get in among the trees. The trees here form a long tunnel and all the way to the river you are in and out of the trees. From the river up we are coming out of the trail and onto fire roads. From here we follow the fire roads around by the Lazy Dog shooting grounds and follow the markings down the trail towards Kilfinane, as you go this grassy route you will come to a style from here you get on the Board walk and this brings you across a river and into the woods and another tunnel through the trees and when you come to the end of this you are back on the last section of trail and headed towards the tarred road. When you go over the last style on to the road it is about a mile back to the finish. Remember to bring trail shoes as some of the trails are slippery and muddy.