Buttevant Ac 4 Mile

» 17-05-2019   » 20.15

  • Venue: Buttevant Co Cork
  • date: 17-05-2019
  • start time: 20.15
  • organised by: Buttevant RC
  • entry fee: 12.00

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1). Where is your club based?

Club is based in Buttevant

2). What is your club officer’s names and contacts?

Peter Duane – Chairman – 0861006431

Ed Ahern – Vice Chariman – 0877437654

Marie Dineen – PRO – 0879881025

Janet Curran O’Neill – Secretary – 0860629209

Joanne Casey Hallihan – Treasurer – 0863773777

3). Where does your club train

The primary location for training is Buttevant during the winter months, Doneraile Park during the summer, occasional sessions in Mallow & some sessions in the Ballyhouras on a Sunday

4). What are the times and days that your club train?

Tuesday @ 7.15pm

Thursday @ 7.15pm

Sunday @ 10am

5). Does your club have its own individual website?


6). Has your club an active Facebook page?


7). Do you have any club events organised throughout the year?

Working on arranging a race this summer in association with the Ballyhoura Active Series.

Planning a 4 mile but subject to license being granted if this fails the plan is for a 5K.

Other Events:

8). Does your club have Juvenile members?


We are not positioned to accept Juvenille members.